Rules & Procedures

Before your Room Rental:

  • Set-up and clean-up time MUST be included in the rental time. 
  • Staff will confirm payments have been made in full, contracts are signed and the room is prepared.
  • The renter must be the first person to arrive and check-in at the front desk no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of the rental time. Guests, party planners, caterers will NOT have access to the room until the renter has arrived and checked in. This time is ONLY for checking in with staff, the renter will not have access to the room until the start of their rental time on the contract.

Room Rental Rules and Reminders:

  • We provide the renter with the set-up of tables and chairs in one of the following set-ups: Banquet, Classroom, Theater or Empty. Specific set-ups are NOT permitted.
  • NO alcohol is allowed on the premises without prior approval and an additional deposit.
  • Music must be kept at a moderate level. NO explicit lyrics. Music must not disturb other renters. NO DJs. 
  • Place all trash in receptacles. If your trashcan is full, please inform staff. 
  • Children must ALWAYS be supervised by an adult over the age of 18.
  • Please raise/lower blinds slowly.
  • NO open flames, including candles and incense. (Sterno food warmers are permitted)
  • NO tacks, nails, stick tack, command strips or glue may be used on the walls. PAINTERS TAPE ONLY.
  • Decorations cannot hang from the ceiling. 
  • Balloons are permitted.
  • NO glitter, confetti, bubbles, sand or silly string.
  • NO furniture or decorations are allowed in the hallway our outdoors. Everything must remain in the room. 
  • The room must be left in the condition it was found. Any additional cleaning or repairs required will result in losing the room rental deposit. 

After Your Room Rental

  • 15 minutes before the end of your reservation, staff will come to your room and complete a Room Rental Exit Form with you.
  • This final walkthrough is to ensure that decorations, trash, and food have been properly disposed of. This is also a time when staff can point out if anything still needs to be cleaned in order to get your full deposit amount refunded. You are not responsible for folding or stacking chairs and tables.
  • If you leave without doing a walkthrough and/or signing the statement below, you are giving Brentwood Parks and Recreation staff 100% authority to evaluate the room and decide whether it is clean/undamaged enough to warrant a full deposit refund.
  • If no damage or excessive clean-up is needed in the room, you will receive your deposit amount back in the form of a check. This will arrive roughly 3 weeks after your event in the mail.
  • All individuals must be out of the facility at the end of the rental time. Any extended time after will result in the additional hourly fee.

Call the Brentwood Community Center at (314)963-8689 for availability!