Forestry Services

Welcome to Brentwood's Forestry Services

The Parks and Recreation Department is charged with the management of the City of Brentwood’s urban forest. Street and park trees contribute significantly to the physical makeup of our City and are one our most cherished features. Trees add to Brentwood’s beauty and livability. Our Forestry Services program involves the planting of new and replacement trees; the maintenance of existing trees, primarily through pruning; and the removal of trees that have died, are considered hazardous or have other non-correctable problems.

The Brentwood community recognizes its trees as one of its most valuable resources. The City is dedicated to the preservation, proper maintenance and continued enhancement of our community forest.

The over 3,000 street and park trees throughout Brentwood are a community asset valued at more than $3 million. The community forest provides environmental benefits, adds to property values, and contributes to an enhanced quality of life for all of Brentwood’s residents.

Trees improve the environment in which we live by moderating the climate, providing oxygen, conserving water, reducing erosion and harboring wildlife within our urban setting. There are many benefits to having a healthy, well-maintained urban forest. The benefits include:

  • Reducing the “heat island” effect which results from having extensive amounts of unshaded hardscape
  • Conserving energy by reducing cooling costs
  • Significantly increasing property values
  • Intercepting rainfall thus reducing the need for stormwater controls
  • Slowing down harsh winds
  • Muffling street and traffic noise
  • Providing shade and overall beauty to our community.

Unfortunately, our trees suffer from the rigors of urban life, including air pollution, vandalism, compacted soils, limited growing spaces, and the extremes of the St. Louis climate. To overcome such rigorous growing conditions for our City trees and procure the benefits of these, our most valuable assets, staff must be proactive in the care they provide.