Brentwood has maintained a Tree City, USA certification through the Arbor Day Foundation since 1988. Qualifications for the award include an Arbor Day celebration, expending a minimum of $2 per capita on forestry, having an established tree ordinance and a board that governs forestry.


All services provided by Brentwood Forestry are free of charge and restricted to publicly owned trees.

For more detailed information on these services, please refer to the City of Brentwood’s Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual (PDF)


All publicly owned trees in Brentwood receive regularly scheduled maintenance pruning to remove dead or hazardous limbs, to encourage strong and healthy growth, and to correct clearance issues. As needed, trees requiring more immediate care may be pruned ahead of schedule.


The City seeks to have a healthy tree growing in every suitable public site. In order to accomplish this goal, we will plant appropriate vacant sites and replace any removed trees with new ones. Planting will take place in the fall and spring.

If you would like to request a tree type for planting, please contact the CityRequests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. 


The City will only remove publicly owned trees that are diseased, dying, invasive, or otherwise pose a threat to public safety. If the tree’s location is determined to be unsuitable for replanting after removal, the closest suitable site will be selected.

If you have a concern regarding the health or structure of a publicly owned tree, please contact the City and the tree will be inspected. The City will inform you if the tree required pruning, treatment or removal.  

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree recycling will be performed by Brentwood’s Waste Management. Public Works crews will pick up residents' once-live Christmas trees every Wednesday through January. This is the same day as yard waste pickup.