Open Play

Stop by the Hanley Park courts for open play pickleball on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-9pm! Nets, paddles and pickleballs are available for use. Play will begin the week of April 24. All ages welcome, not registration required!

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Pickleball programming varies by season. Please select your season below to learn more and to register.


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  1. Fall 2023
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Pickleball Programming by Callahan Pickleball Academy 


Pickleball Fundamentals- Beginner/Novice 

Designed for individuals who are new to the exciting world of pickleball or those looking to refine their skills. This comprehensive class will introduce you to the fundamentals of pickleball, including serve, return, volley, dink, shot mechanics and selection, court positioning, strategy and rules. In these interactive and engaging classes, you will receive hands-on instruction from our experienced pickleball coaches who are passionate about helping you develop a strong foundation in the sport.  

All Ages

Price: Res. $99, Non-Res. $124
Time: 9-10:30am

Mondays, Sept. 25-Oct. 16
Activity Number: 974000-M3
Saturdays, Sept. 23-Oct. 14
Activity Number: 974000-A3



Price: Res. $70, Non-Res. $87

Ages: 8-11 yrs old
Wednesdays, Sept. 27-Oct. 18
Activity Number: 974101-W3
Ages: 12+ yrs old
Wednesdays, Sept. 27-Oct. 18
Activity Number: 974101-W6



Pickleball Skills and Drills- Intermediate/Advanced 

Whether you've been playing for a while or have recently advanced from beginner level, this class will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and techniques necessary to excel in the sport. Focus on: Non-Volley Zone (kitchen) play, serve and returns, 3rd shots, groundstrokes, transition area and strategy. Engage in challenging drills and simulations that replicate real match scenarios. 

Price: Res. $99, Non-Res. $124
Time: 10:30-12pm

Mondays, Sept. 25-Oct. 16
Activity Number: 974200-M3 

Saturdays, Sept. 23-Oct. 14
Activity Number: 974200-A3

Pickleball CLINIC- Intermediate/Advanced 

Enhance your skills in one of the fastest-growing sports in the world! This clinic provides high-quality coaching and instruction covering all aspects of the game including techniques, strategies, and court positioning. Learn how to analyze your opponents, make smart shot selections, create effective partnerships in doubles play, and adapt your game plan in different situations. 

Price: Res. $65, Non-Res. $80
Time: 9am-12pm

Saturday, Sept. 16 
Activity Number: 974300-A3

Saturday, Oct. 21
Activity Number:  974300-A4