Manchester Corridor Commercial District

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The Future of Business Along the Manchester Road Corridor

As a result of the Deer Creek Flood Mitigation efforts, approximately 30 additional acres of land will be protected from flooding. This is expected to attract redevelopment and new investment in the area.

Existing Businesses

Some businesses will be purchased to allow for flood mitigation. Those that will remain will see a reduction in flooding and improved access to their businesses from MoDOT improvements to Manchester Road. The combination of flood mitigation, addition of trails and parks along the south edge of the area, MoDOT and City of Brentwood streetscape improvements, and enhanced Great Rivers Greenway trail network are expected to significantly enhance existing property values and attract new businesses and development to the area.

Future Development

During the Brentwood Bound community engagement program, residents requested that the project include green spaces to enhance walkability and pedestrian safety, and that the City focus on securing non-chain restaurants and small local businesses as part of future development efforts.


The Brentwood Board of Aldermen approved the establishment of the “MC” Manchester Corridor Commercial Zoning District on April 1, 2019.

Ordinance 4873 (PDF) - Establishment of the "MC" Manchester Corridor Commercial Zoning District

Comprehensive Plan Supplement: The Manchester Road Corridor (PDF)

Brentwood Redevelopment Corporation Development Plan (PDF)