Brentwood Bound Plan Map

The City of Brentwood enters its second century as a thriving community. With an eye on continued progress and building a bright future for its citizens, the Board of Aldermen approved the Brentwood Bound Plan to overcome some of the community’s long-term challenges and revitalize the Manchester Road corridor in Brentwood.

Identifying Challenges

Brentwood has long dealt with flooding issues along Deer Creek that have at times crippled the community and caused great challenges for friends and families.

With nearly 30 flooding events in the past 60 years, it is clear that the current flood mitigation system is unable to manage the influx of water during heavy rain events.

The area of Manchester Road between Hanley Road and Bremerton Road is in need of repair, improved pedestrian access and overall safety.

Exploring Solutions

Our community leaders have developed a plan to address the identified challenges through three projects that are bound together to ensure a bright future for Brentwood.

The Projects

Deer Creek Flood Mitigation

This project includes improvements to Deer Creek that will create more flow capacity along the creek to alleviate frequent widespread flooding, including streambank stabilization, natural floodplain restoration and native vegetation planning.

Manchester Road Improvements

The City of Brentwood is working with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to update the roadway, improve pedestrian access and enhance the overall appearance of Manchester Road from Hanley Road to Bremerton Road while making the area safer for pedestrians.

Deer Creek Greenway Connector

This project involves the planning, design and construction of a connection between the City of Brentwood’s Rogers Parkway and the Deer Creek Greenway. The City is partnering with Great Rivers Greenway to connect residents to the surrounding communities with the enhanced greenway.