City Administrator

Powers and Duties

The City Administrator is the chief executive and administrative officer of the City of Brentwood, responsible to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for the proper administration of City affairs. 

The City Administrator shall administer established policies, serve as custodian of records, sign documents, maintain records of Board of Aldermen proceedings and serve as general accountant of the City.

These are just a few of the City Administrator's key responsibilities. A complete list is available in the Brentwood Municipal Code.

  • General. The City Clerk/Administrator shall serve as chief fiscal and administrative officer of the City with responsibility for the City's finances, including the collection and disbursement of all funds and signing documents. Any and all funds invested must be one hundred percent (100%) protected and insured against any possible loss of the funds.
  • Clerk. The City Clerk/Administrator shall also serve as the City Clerk and shall have all the authority, rights and duties thereof and perform those duties.
  • Finance Department. The City Clerk/Administrator shall have supervisory control over the finance office and is responsible for the operation of that office and is hereby designated as Finance Director.
  • Assistant to Mayor. The City Clerk/Administrator shall be the Chief Administrative Assistant to the Mayor. He/she shall direct, organize and supervise all administrative employees of the City. He/she can administer official oaths.
  • Appointments. The City Administrator/Clerk shall make all appointments and when deemed necessary for the good of the City, suspend or remove the department heads, except the following: Chief of Police and the Fire Chief.
  • Budget. The City Clerk/Administrator shall be the budget officer of the City and shall assemble estimates of financial needs and resources of the City for each ensuing year and shall prepare a program of activities in cooperation with standing committees and department heads, embodying in it a budget document with proper supporting schedules and an analysis to be submitted to the Mayor, Ways and Means Committee and Board of Aldermen for their final approval. This information shall be presented to the Mayor, the Ways and Means Committee and Board of Aldermen, no later than November first (1st), annually. The City Clerk/Administrator shall also maintain a physical inventory of all City property in cooperation with the department heads.
  • Policy Formation and Administration. The City Clerk/ Administrator shall recommend to the Mayor, appropriate committees and Board of Aldermen adoption of such measures as he/she may deem necessary or expedient for health, safety or welfare of the City or for the improvement of administrative services for the City and shall administer said policies.

The complete outline of the City Administrator's duties can be found in the Brentwood Municipal Code:
Chapter 115: Officers and Employees
Section 115.110 Duties
View the code