What is the plan for Van Mark Way?

The Brentwood Bound Manchester Road Improvements project includes an underground pedestrian tunnel at the intersection with Mary Avenue. At the Brentwood Bound public open house events on November 1 and November 3, 2018, the plans showed this elimination of the Van Mark Way connection to Manchester Road to make way for the tunnel. The City of Brentwood and TWM Engineering have been in contact with the Brentwood Place property owners about this project since early 2018.

The initial design (presented to the public on November 1 and 3, 2018) proposed bringing Van Mark Way through Rogers Parkway and creating a new intersection with Dorothy Avenue. This new intersection would have been 180 feet south of the existing Mary/Florence/Dorothy intersection. After a review by Missouri Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration concluded Rogers Parkway is considered parkland, the design team determined Van Mark Way could not be built through Rogers Parkway. The design team then pivoted to moving the Brentwood Place apartment complex access north to connect to the Florence/Mary intersection. This updated plan (presented to the public at the Brentwood Bound open house event on March 6, 2019) removes the roadway through a park and increases safety for users of Rogers Parkway and drivers by reducing the number of intersections. This will add 400 feet of vehicular travel to get to Manchester Road from Brentwood Place apartment complex. The playground and playground equipment in Rogers Parkway will be removed as part of this plan.

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