Why does this area flood?

The area that floods in Brentwood along Deer Creek is a location where the natural floodplain along the creek was filled in and developed (approximately 100 years ago). Since that time, the nearly 37-square-mile watershed area upstream has fully developed, increasing the amount of impervious areas (primarily buildings and pavement) and the rate at which stormwater runoff reaches Deer Creek. In Brentwood, the Deer Creek channel slope flattens out and the velocities in the channel slow down at the confluence with Black Creek, and this is an area where the flow of water can get backed up, much like traffic gets backed up on a highway.

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1. How will this plan reduce flooding in the area?
2. What is floodplain restoration?
3. Could the city raise the land in the flood prone areas instead of doing flood mitigation?
4. Why does this area flood?
5. How will standing water be addressed in the areas that will gather water?
6. How will this project affect municipalities upstream and downstream?
7. Will water and sewage flow into Deer Creek?