What is floodplain restoration?

Floodplain restoration is the process of fully or partially restoring low-lying areas next to streambanks to their original conditions, so that they’re able to accommodate larger overflows of water after large or intense storms.

The floodplain area along Deer Creek has been previously filled and developed, and it has subsequently experienced flooding problems. This project will restore some natural floodplain areas along Deer Creek to serve their natural flood control and habitat functions. The end result will consist of low-lying areas with natural vegetation that will be dry most of the time, but allowed to flood following large or intense storms. 

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1. How will this plan reduce flooding in the area?
2. What is floodplain restoration?
3. Could the city raise the land in the flood prone areas instead of doing flood mitigation?
4. Why does this area flood?
5. How will standing water be addressed in the areas that will gather water?
6. How will this project affect municipalities upstream and downstream?
7. Will water and sewage flow into Deer Creek?