The Brentwood Fire Department has served the City of Brentwood and surrounding communities since 1935. The fire department conducts in-service fire inspections for all commercial businesses as well as large condominium and apartment properties within the City of Brentwood.

Our Mission
Providing Excellence Through Service

Our Vision
The vision of the Brentwood Fire Department is to be THE leader in public safety through excellence in delivery and responsiveness for everyone. 

Our Values
Our success is dependent on the concept of team. The Brentwood team is passionate for the calling to serve. This passion requires each member of our team, regardless of rank or responsibility, to live and practice the core values of the department.

These core values establish the character and environment that guides our daily activities. Practicing these foundational principles is paramount and incumbent on every employee on the emergency scene, in our fire stations, in our contacts with the community, and in our interpersonal relationships.  We believe: our strength our goal our passion our pledge our foundation earned our calling 

Our community is stronger through our focus on these values because…

DETAILS matter