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Building & Occupancy Permits

Brentwood conducts residential and commercial permitting and inspections for construction and occupancy. St. Louis County does not perform these inspections. Examples of projects that require a permit include fences, driveways, garages, pools and interior and exterior remodeling. Zoning approval is required prior to installing a shed. Exterior alterations to homes, except for decks, window replacements, fences and roof shingles, must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board prior to inssuance of a permit. 

The following Permit Applications are required for Residential and Commercial occupancy and projects.  Please select the application below that is relevant to the permit you are requesting.

Occupancy Permit Applications
Residential Occupancy Application  -A residential occupancy permit is required before you move into your new residence within Brentwood.  A new residential occupancy permit must also be obtained any time you change your residence within Brentwood city boundaries.  The cost for a Residential Occupancy Permit is $45 and must accompany all new Residential Occupancy Applications. 
    Guidlines for Home Inspection
    Home inspection Checklist 
    When Do I Need a Permit

Residential Occupancy Permit Update Form  -This form is used to update a current occupancy permit due to changes within the household.  Example: additions or deletions due to marriage, births, deaths, or roommate status.  There are no additional fees to update a current Residential Occupancy Permit.     

Commercial Occupancy Application

Building Permitting & Inspections
Brentwood promotes public health, safety and welfare through the administration and enforcement of the 2009 International Code, the 2008 National Electric Code and the Brentwood Municipal Code. 

Building Permit Application 

Electrical Permit Application

Fence Requirements

Fire Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plot Plan Requirements

Plumbing Permit Application

Zoning Approval for Driveway

Building Permit Fees

Permit Fees Schedule

For additional information please contact the Planning & Development Department at
(314) 962-4800.