Commission Volunteer Interest Sheet

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Volunteer Profile

Committed volunteers play an important part in shaping Brentwood's future. Commission members assist the Board of Aldermen and City Administration in developing policies and services that reflect the needs and values of the entire Brentwood community. As a member of a City committee, you serve as a respected community advisor to the Board of Aldermen and Administration.

While volunteer involvement requires time and effort, it also provides an opportunity for genuine public service. In addition, you gain knowledge about the role of City government and its daily operation.

If you are interested in joining other Brentwood citizens currently serving as volunteer commission and committee members, please complete this volunteer interest profile sheet and/or submit a resume or bio and return the information to the following address:

Office of the Mayor
City of Brentwood
2348 South Brentwood Boulevard
Brentwood, Missouri 63144

Personal Information

Education and Experience
Please Note: If you are selected for appointment to a City commission, a copy of this form will be attached to the public Board communication requesting your appointment. A resume/bio may also be included with this form.
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