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1. What was the result of the Proposition B vote on April 2, 2019?
2. What is Prop. B?
3. What is an economic development sales tax?
4. If approved by voters, how would Prop. B funds be used?
5. How long would the city collect the economic development sales tax?
6. If the proposal is approved how much will is cost an average shopper?
7. How much revenue will be generated from the sales tax?
8. Is there a sunset clause for the sales tax?
9. Do sales tax rates impact where people shop?
10. Who provides the majority of our sales tax revenue?
11. How will Brentwood Bound impact local property taxes?
12. How will the plan be funded if the City does not implement the economic development sales tax?
13. How will Prop. B appear on the ballot?
14. When is the election?
15. How do I register to vote?
16. How can I vote absentee?