City Commissions are composed of citizens and/or Alderpersons who are generally appointed by the Mayor. Please see the Volunteer Interest Form (PDF) for information about volunteering for a Brentwood commission or committee. For additional information, please contact the City Administrator, 314-962-4800.

Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board reviews applications from Brentwood residents for occupancy and building permits. The board makes sure that the building is in compliance with architectural standards, appearance and design of the surrounding area. The board can suggest changes where necessary.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment considers requests from people who wish to make alterations to property, either public or private, which are not allowed by current zoning policy standards.

ICC Appeals Board

This board hears the cases of residential and commercial parties who want to contradict the City’s Building Code. The applicant must be an architect, engineer or involved in the construction industry to be considered.

Cable Commission

The Cable Commission reviews and recommends new cable services and programs to be integrated into the Cable broadcast schedule. The commission assures compliance with rate regulatory procedures and customer service standards.

Human Relations Committee

The Human Relations Commission encourages the fair and decent treatment of all persons within the City of Brentwood. The committee discourages discrimination of racial, ethnic or religious groups and disabled persons within the City. The committee discusses rules and policies regarding the promotion of equality among City residents, and presents these to the Board of Aldermen. The committee also holds hearings to investigate and discuss possible discriminatory situations.

Library Board

The Library Board meets on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss and decide upon library policy with regard to the library’s future. The board advises on the operation, expansion and level of service provided by the Library. The board also recommends policy regarding selection of library material and the use of Library meeting room space.

Personnel Policy Committee

The Personnel Policy Committee is used by City management to ensure uniform and nondiscriminatory application of the conditions of City employment. The policies administered promote fair and impartial consideration of all City employees.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) advises the Board of Aldermen on how best to preserve and protect Brentwood's existing residential and business community and provide for, plan, guide and direct the development, redevelopment and growth of the City. The Planning and Zoning Commission is authorized by state statute under RSMo Chapter 89.

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee reviews all ordinances, existing or new, that contain anything relating to the police department, fire department, public safety and/or fire safety. The committee offers general suggestions for the Board of Aldermen to consider.

Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee has supervision over all City issues relating to sewers, sewage disposal, streets, sidewalks, Planning & Zoning, and Parks & Recreation. This includes repairs made to any of these properties as well as the development of new ones.

Sustainability Commission

The Commission seeks to develop a city-wide coordinated effort to advance energy conservation, environmental improvement and sustainability of resources for Brentwood by identifying opportunities of improvement in these areas and by recommending policies to the Public Works Committee of the Board of Aldermen that encourage the promotion of these goals within the City.

TIF Commission

This commission reviews proposals for the improvement of blight, or deteriorating areas within the City of Brentwood, considering the use of tax increment financing (TIF) districts.

Ways & Means Committee

The Ways & Means Committee focuses on bills, policies and issues that directly impact City government revenues, tax collection, tax laws, and regulations affecting public utilities (gas, electricity, cable television, local and long-distance telephone services). The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen.