Boards, Commissions and Committees

At the first meeting of the Board of Aldermen after each annual election, the Mayor appoints the Chairs and members of all standing committees based on advice and consent from the Board of Aldermen members. 

Only members of the Board of Aldermen are eligible to serve on the following standing committees: Public Safety, Public Works, and Ways and Means. 

The number of members on each committee is determined by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the time of appointment. Members of the Board of Aldermen and any resident of the City of Brentwood who is a qualified voter under the laws and Constitution of this State and this City can serve on all other standing committees.

Please see the Volunteer Interest Form (PDF) for information about volunteering for a Brentwood board, commission or committee. For additional information, please contact the City Administrator, 314.962.4800.

Established to review applications for residential building permits and those applications directed by the Planning and Development Department or the Planning and Zoning Commission, to ensure compliance with architectural standards and compatibility of design with existing structures in the City.