Stick and Puck Session

Stick and Puck Sessions

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Stick and Puck is a public session providing the opportunity for hockey players of all ages to focus on skill development: shooting, passing, and skating. Participants must supply their own pucks, and up to 3 goals will be provided on the ice at a time. Participants for stick and puck sessions agree to follow the policies stated below or will be asked to leave:

Policy Reminders:

  • Full equipment is required for skaters under the age of 18, and includes helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, and full-length hockey pants.  

  • Participants 18 and older are required to wear a helmet and gloves, but full equipment is encouraged.

  • Private instruction may take place during sessions on the south end of the ice behind the blue line. 

  • Games/scrimmages are not permitted. Hitting and checking is not allowed. 

Sessions are subject to change with little to no notice. Please check the Monthly Session Calendar for the current schedule. Price is per half hour.

Admission Prices

Stick and Puck Session Admission Price (per half hour)
Resident $3.00 per half hour 
Non-Resident $3.50 per half hour
Stick and Puck Pass Package 
22 punches (30 minutes per punch)
Passes can be purchase at the Ice Rink Front Desk
Resident $60
Non-Resident $70