Blue Wave Life - Tae Kwon Do



Classes are led by Mr. Robert Chisenhall who holds a 4th degree black belt and has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and instructing martial arts with children for over 15 years. Ms. Kennedy Fitzgibbon teaches classes on Tuesdays. Ms. Fitzgibbon holds a 2nd degree black belt and has been training for over 10 years.  

Blue Wave Life teaches a traditional style of Tae Kwon Do where participants will engage in cardio fitness, strength training, muscle development, and mental focus. Families and individuals of all ages are welcome! 

Students are able to attend up to 4 classes at no cost. There is a $30 enrollment fee, which includes a uniform, and the monthly membership rate will apply. Students enrolled here can attend classes at any of the other Blue Wave Association schools in the area at no additional cost.

Dates & Times:


6 -7 PM

 Tuesdays & Thursdays

5 - 7 PM


Brentwood Community Center


Monthly Membership: 

$80 per month for the first individual

$40 for each additional family member

Activity Code: 124101

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