Cooking Demonstrations

1. Joe with the Baker

Cook along with Joe Baker to enjoy some delicious homemade recipes. Joe goes live Monday through Friday on his Facebook page at 3 p.m. Some of the food he has made so far are pancakes, whole wheat bread, cookies and dinner rolls. 

2. Milk Street Cooking School 

Milk Street Cooking School is offering tons of free recipes and classes on their website. Click on the link below to gain access to step-by-step tutorials, free recipes, video lessons, and equipment and ingredient tips. 

3. FarmFood 360

Take a virtual tour of different types of farms using FarmFood 360. The site gives you a behind the scenes look at over 10 different farms from dairy cow farms, grain farms, apple orchards and oat farms. 

4. Chef It Up!

Watch Chef It up to create different types of food at home!

5. Massimo Bottura

Everyday at 2pm central time, world renowned chef Massimo Buttura  goes live on Instagram. His videos are called Kitchen Quarantine and he teaches you how to cook meals and answers fan questions at the end of each video. Click on the link below to watch.

6. ChopChop Cooking Club

Practices essential cooking skills with ChopChop Cooking Club. Parents and families can join for free. There are even pictures posted from other families with their finished products!

7. Delish

Delish is putting on live Instagram session every day at 1pm EST for parents and kids to tune in and cook along with the video! If you cannot join live, click on the link below for all of the recipes and directions.

8. Americas Test Kitchen

Explore the world of food and kitchen with Americas Test Kitchen! Click on the link below to unlock recipes, activities and quizzes for free.