Building & Occupancy Permits

Brentwood conducts residential and commercial permitting and inspections for construction and occupancy. St. Louis County does not perform these inspections. Examples of projects that require a permit include fences, driveways, garages, pools and interior and exterior remodeling. Zoning approval is required prior to installing a shed. Exterior alterations to homes, except for decks, window replacements, fences and roof shingles, must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board prior to issuance of a permit.


All permitting is done online through the MyGov system.

  1. Register as a Collaborator. Choose the contractor type that best describes you. Visual Guide
  2. Follow the registration approval link to Create a Password and Log-in (SAVE for FUTURE USE)
  3. Request to be a Contractor. This is required for ALL permits applied for through MyGov, including Occupancy.
  4. Request Project-Select the project type. 
  5. Pay Permit Fees 
  6. Complete Inspections

Please plan accordingly when submitting for a permit as Registration takes 24-48 hours and Review takes up to 10 business days. Missing items or misinformation can cause a delay in the review of your project.



Permit Process Step-by-Step Guide

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