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Comprehensive Plan

The City of Brentwood adopted a new Comprehensive Plan on October 16, 2006. The Comprehensive Plan provides a long-range vision for land use and provides a framework for making development and zoning decisions. It is a decision making guide for public officials, residents, business owners/operations, public service and infrastructure providers. The Comprehensive Plan presents issues, goals, land use plans, and strategies organized around five key community topics: Residential, Commercial, Transportation, Community Facilities and Infrastructure, and Community Character.

The Plan reflects Brentwood residents’ vision for the future and identifies the strategies necessary to achieve that vision. The Plan is a “living” document and will be subject to a regular review process; typically a cursor annual review, a thorough 5-year update, and amendments as maybe precipitated by significant new community opportunities or challenges.

Attached for your review are the latest documents. Additional copies are available at the Brentwood Public Library. 

Comprehensive Plan Resolution
Comprehensive Plan Cover 
Comprehensive Plan Title Page 
Comprehensive Plan
Appendix A Public Engagement Overview 
Appendix B Community Overview 
Appendix C Market Overview 
Comprehensive Plan Existing Land Use Map
Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Plan