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Building Requirements

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1. Do I have to have an occupancy certificate to move into the city?
2. Do I need to have an Occupancy Permit if I am a renter?
3. How do I obtain an Occupancy Certificate?
4. What does the inspection cost?
5. For how long is the inspection valid?
6. Can I use the occupancy inspection to satisfy the inspection referred to in my purchase offer?
7. When are building permits required?
8. What building codes are in force in Brentwood?
9. When is an electrical permit required?
10. When is a plumbing permit required?
11. When is a mechanical permit required?
12. Is it necessary to have a building permit to replace a roof?
13. I want to change the roof sheathing (plywood) on my roof. Is a permit required?
14. I want to replace a double window with a sliding door. Is it necessary to have a permit for this?
15. I want to add a bedroom in the basement. Is a permit necessary?
16. I want to replace my kitchen sink with a new one. Is a permit required?
17. I want to replace my kitchen cabinets. Does this require a permit?
18. Where is Ground Fault Circuit Interruption protection required?
19. I want to put drain tile in the inside of the basement. Do I need a permit?
20. I want to put up a new fence. Is a permit required?
21. I want to replace my 42" high chain link fence with a new 42" high chain link fence in exactly the same location. Is a permit required?
22. I want to replace my exiting 42" chain link fence with a 5' stockade fence. Is a permit required?
23. Is a permit required to replace a brick or concrete patio?
24. What is needed for a building permit?
25. My job is so small that it does not make sense for me to hire an architect and spend $500 in professional fees for a porch that would cost me only $250 in material. Is there some relief for this kind
26. How long does it take to get a building permit?
27. Do I need any permits from St. Louis County?