What is Brentwood Bound?

Brentwood Bound is a comprehensive plan to renew the Manchester Road corridor between Brentwood Blvd. and Hanley Rd. in the City of Brentwood. There are three components to the plan: Deer Creek flood mitigation, improvements to Manchester Rd. and the addition of a trailway connection to the Great Rivers Greenway. 

Together, these projects will help us overcome long-term challenges while enhancing our community for decades to come and providing an opportunity for park and recreational spaces to be enjoyed by all Brentwood residents.

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1. What is Brentwood Bound?
2. What is the timeline for the projects?
3. Who is partnering with the City on Brentwood Bound?
4. How is the project funded?
5. What are Certificates of Participation (COPs)?
6. How will residents be impacted by this plan?
7. How will the Brentwood Bound plan impact safety in the area?
8. What is the Brentwood Bound Citizen Advisory Committee?
9. How can I get involved with the Brentwood Bound Citizen Advisory Committee?