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City Hall                                                                                                           April 17, 2006

Council Chambers                                                                                             7:00 p.m.


The Mayor led with the Pledge of Allegiance.




PRESENT:       Mayor Kelly, Alderwoman Clements, Alderman Marshall, Alderman Leahy, Alderman Golfin, Alderman Kramer, Alderman Robertson, Alderman Wynn, Alderman Cross.


                        City Attorney Albrecht, City Clerk/Administrator Seemayer, Director of Economic Development/Asst. City Administrator Denton and Executive Secretary Williams.


ABSENT:        None.




Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Robertson to approve and adopt the Agenda of the Regular Board of Aldermen meeting of April 17, 2006.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderman Marshall to approve and adopt the Minutes of the Special Board of Aldermen Meeting of March 31, 2006. Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderwoman Clements to approve and adopt the Minutes of the Regular Board of Aldermen meeting of April 3, 2006.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.



Mayor Kelly stated a proclamation for Arbor Day is before the Board.  The Arbor Day celebration would be held on Friday, April 21st at 11:30 a.m. at Memorial Park. 


Motion was made by Alderman Leahy, second by Alderman Marshall to accept the proclamation for Arbor Day.  All in favor none opposed.




City Administrator Seemayer read the certified election results from the April 4, 2006 election as follows:


Ward 1                Barbara Clements             165             Unopposed

Ward 2                Mike Marshall                       104            Unopposed

Ward 3                Andrew Leahy               157            Unopposed

Ward 4                Leon Golfin               86

Ward 4                Lorraine Krewson        97


Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Leahy to accept the certified election results from the April 4, 2006 election.  All in favor none opposed.




Request for Quotations


City Administrator Seemayer stated the Request for Quotations came in for the proposed flood buyout properties in Hanley Industrial Court.  As part of that project, the City had to obtain quotes to have the properties appraised.  Two quotes were received as follows:


Real Estate Analysts Limited            $3,500

McReynolds Realty Advisors                       $3,050


Surplus Property Sale


City Administrator Seemayer stated that bids were opened on Monday, April 10th for two surplus vehicles.  The high bids were received as follows: 


                        M&M Investment             2001 Ford Crown Victoria            $4,225

                        Tom Moore              2000 Ford Crown Victoria            $3,666




Steve Johnson/Allstate Insurance – regarding 8812 Madge Avenue came before the Board and stated that he has been an Allstate agent in Brentwood for 10 years.  He is before the Board to request permission to use the building at 8812 Madge Avenue as an office.  Gerad Wolf has stated that it was not a problem in that it is a permitted use in the “PD” Planned Development district.  However, he needs Board approval to use the space.  


City Administrator Seemayer stated it is a residential home which is zoned commercial.  It has been zoned “PD” Planned Development for a number of years. The lot size requirement in “PD” Planned Development is a minimum of 1 acre, which this is not.  However, in the same section of the Code, the Board of Aldermen has the ability to waive the lot size requirement. 


Mayor Kelly pointed out that the residential home to the west is zoned commercial as well.


Alderman Leahy stated as he understands it, Mr. Johnson is taking a residential home within the commercial zoning district and converting it into a business use which by zoning arrangements is allowable.   The question before the Board is, are they allowing the encroachment of the commercially zoned to come into residential.  The way he is reading the Code is the minimum lot size and everything that they are dealing with was intended that if they wished to change the commercial depth and go as far as to make it a business district area.  The Board is looking to approve changing the home that is residential to commercial.  He is not very comfortable with allowing the encroachment into residential.  He agrees that they have a zone, but the 150 foot zone is based on the fact that if they wanted to develop the Brentwood Boulevard stretch and use that area, that would be a commercial area for that purpose, to take individual homes and roll them into offices.  He is not sure that is a good thing for the Board to do.  He is looking more towards maintaining the residential neighborhood.


Mayor Kelly stated when it was zoned to “PD” Planned Development it was done with the intent that in order to facilitate businesses, the City would have to have larger lot sizes than the ones that were on Brentwood Boulevard at the time, so they increased the commercial depth with the thought that someone could acquire pieces of properties large enough to be an acre to redevelop an entire site.   


Alderman Leahy stated right now the home that is there is residential inside a commercial zone.  They faced the same problem when West Community Credit Union needed to pick up more land so that they could do their remodeling and they ended up picking up the house next door.


Mayor Kelly stated the difference is that it was not zoned yet.  If it were already zoned they would not have had the problem of changing the zoning in order to facilitate that new construction.


Alderman Leahy stated he would like to try to keep the residential area residential. 


Mayor Kelly stated that you could see why waiting for that to happen is why you have a slow turnover of businesses and deteriorating properties because businesses do not have the ability to expand.  This property is already zoned commercial.  It is just a matter of Mr. Johnson asking to use the building for what it is zoned for currently.


Alderman Golfin asked Mr. Johnson if he is planning to use the building as office space for himself, or does he plan to develop it as offices that would be available to others. 


Mr. Johnson responded that it would be his office.  He is not going to be doing anything that will hinder the future development of that “PD” Planned Development zone.  He is not looking to rebuild the building and put some structure that is going to keep someone else from coming in.


Alderman Golfin stated that ordinarily if Mr. Johnson were a resident at 8812 Madge, there would be no question about him having an office there. 


Mr. Johnson stated he would not be living there.


Alderman Golfin asked how extensive is the office operation going to be. 


Mr. Johnson stated it would be he, his wife and one part time employee in the office.  He will not be using the upstairs for the office at all, just the downstairs.


Alderman Cross asked about the hours of operation, parking and signage on the building.


Mr. Johnson stated the office would be opened from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, no Saturdays or Sundays.  They will only need two to three parking spaces and the driveway will be used for what they need. They occasionally have customers come in, but very little traffic.  Mr. Johnson stated that he had previously asked if he could put a sign on the building and was told that there was no ordinance against it, so he is intending to put the sign on the building.


Alderman Cross asked if the signage would be whatever is allowed in the “PD” Planned Development district.


Mayor Kelly responded yes.


Alderman Kramer stated his understanding is along the corridor, both north and south of the location being discussed, on Brentwood Boulevard there are a number of structures that are currently used for businesses that are appearing to be residential from the exterior that are inside what used to be the “GC” General Commercial district and now it is the “PD” Planned Development district.  He asked Mr. Johnson if he would be receiving daily deliveries or calls from customers. 


Mr. Johnson stated they do the greatest majority of their business over the phone.  They have occasional customers come in, but not even on a daily basis. 


Alderman Kramer stated behind what is going to be the new Starbucks, there was a home east of there that was taken down that was part of the district and was a residential use prior. Many of the neighbors were a little concerned about that.  However, the zoning has been there for a long time.  In this particular case, the house at 8812 Madge Avenue falls within that zone.  Although it is next to residential, if they were to go beyond that point is where he would be concerned.  In this particular case, it sounds like it might be okay. 


Alderman Robertson stated he does not see how they can go backwards and restore residential to a property that is behind a busy commercial property.  It is a good use.  He does not see why they should not grant it. 


Alderwoman Clements asked for clarification on the signage location.


Mr. Johnson stated it would be on the house, not in the yard.


Alderwoman Clements stated that would keep the look of residential if there is no sign in the yard, even though you are going to see it the east side of the house is still commercial. 


Alderman Cross asked if it will be a lit sign and will it be on all night.


Mr. Johnson stated it is an electronic sign with a timer, which will be turned off at midnight.  It is the sign on the current building, which is about 2 feet x 10 feet. 


City Administrator Seemayer stated as far as the signage, Mr. Johnson would have to comply with the requirements of the district.  Generally it is that percentage of a building. 


Alderman Leahy asked Mr. Johnson if he is looking to put the sign on the east wall, which would face Manchester Road or is he looking to put it on the face of the building?


Mr. Johnson stated the sign would be located on the east facing Brentwood Boulevard.


Alderman Leahy stated the house itself is addressed on Madge, which would require permission of a variance.  The Code states the sign should be 80% of the face of the building, which would be on the Madge Avenue side.


City Administrator Seemayer stated he does not believe that is correct.  It is 80% of the face of whatever wall you are using for the sign. 


Alderman Leahy asked if a variance would be needed on the parking, per requirement, per square footage under roof.  The residential requirements of this property will be changed to the commercial requirements.  Lot size is only one of the three things that need to be changed in the variances.  By the square footage under roof, Mr. Johnson has to provide a certain amount of parking spaces.


City Administrator Seemayer stated that is not approved by the Board of Aldermen, the zoning administrator approves that.  It is determined by whatever floor space he is going to use by the office calculations.  Mr. Wolf notified him that Mr. Johnson would not be required more than three parking spaces and that he could put three in the driveway.  If he needed more, he would have to go to the Board of Adjustment for a variance.  The Board of Aldermen is not granting what is technically known as a variance because only the Board of Adjustment can grant variances.  It is written into the Code that the Board of Aldermen is allowed to waive the provision for the one-acre minimum lot size.  If it is under ½ acre, which his is, it could only be used as a professional building, which is what he is using it for.


Motion was made by Alderman Robertson, second by Alderman Wynn to waive the lot size requirement for the “PD” Planned Development to allow a business to occupy 8812 Madge Avenue.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, no; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Bill No. 5318 – Commercial Vehicles and Motorbuses


Bill No. 5318 will remain on hold.


Bill No. 5325 – Southern Sno


1st and 2nd Readings


Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Golfin to give Bill No. 5325 first and second readings.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Alderman Leahy stated in the Exhibit A attached to Bill No. 5325, section 3 reads as if it is a 66-month consecutive lease.  In the past, it has been a May through November term.


City Administrator Seemayer stated it should read May 1st through November 1st, 2006 through 2011.  They do not occupy the space or pay rent in the months between November and May. 


Motion was made by Alderman Leahy, second by Alderman Cross to amend Bill No. 5325 by changing the terms of the agreement to run from May 1st through November 1st of each year, starting in 2006 and ending on November 1st, 2011.  All in favor none opposed.


Alderman Leahy asked if they have had any problems with Southern Sno at Memorial Park in the past five years.


City Administrator Seemayer responded no.


Alderman Leahy stated the operation of the business in the agreement stated from 6:00 a.m. to dusk.  He believes in the past it was always afternoon to evening hours.


City Administrator Seemayer stated the vendor came in a couple of years ago and asked for the 6:00 a.m. starting time because of early customers from Hanley Industrial Court.


Alderman Kramer read a synopsis of Bill No. 5325 as a bill that authorizes a lease agreement between the City of Brentwood and Southern Sno to operate a concession stand in the parking lot of Memorial Park. The lease requires a $125.00 monthly payment to the City and it runs from May 1st to November 1st. The term of the lease is five years. This matter was reviewed and approved by the Public Works Committee.


Motion was made by Alderman Cross, second by Alderman Marshall to approve and adopt Bill No. 5325 as amended.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.


The Mayor thereupon declared Bill No. 5325 duly passed and signed same into approval thereof.  Said Bill was given Ordinance No. 4019.


Resolution No. 934 – Street Name Change


Alderman Kramer read a synopsis of Resolution No. 934, which states the City’s intention to rename a portion of Hanley Industrial Court to Strassner Drive. Once the Resolution is adopted there will be a four-week open comment period. At the end of the comment period the City will entertain an ordinance to officially change the name of the street.


Mayor Kelly stated there has been talk over a number of years about renaming streets and doing other things in Hanley Industrial Court.  A number of the businesses there did not like the idea of changing the street to Strassner Road.  They wanted to rename Strassner Road and name the new section Hanley Industrial Drive or something along those lines.  He thought it was important to maintain Strassner Road since it was named after a former Brentwood resident.  


Alderman Golfin stated that changing the name to Strassner Road and improving the signage in Hanley Industrial Court is a project they have been wanting for years.  They need to start somewhere and this is a logical place to start.  He would be in favor of that change.


Mayor Kelly stated the City would be sending out a letter to the affected property owners notifying them of the change.


Motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderman Marshall to approve and adopt Resolution No. 934.  All in favor none opposed.




Motion was made by Alderman Marshall, second by Alderwoman Clements to accept the warrant list dated 4/17/06 as submitted.  All in favor none opposed.






Mayor Kelly stated he had previously mentioned that he was approached about the City sharing some of the cost of rebuilding the bridge between Breckenridge Industrial Court Drive and Webster Groves.  Originally they had agreed with Webster Groves that each municipality would contribute $25,000.  They got a letter from the Breckenridge Industrial Court Association that the contribution would be more than the $25,000.  They came back with bids and are requesting $55,000 from Brentwood and $55,000 from Webster Groves.  Mayor Kelly stated he would forward it to the Ways and Means Committee for discussion.  The City’s only benefit of the improvements to that bridge is the removal of the center pier from the bridge, which would alleviate a lot of blockage during heavy rain and flooding on Manchester Road.




Mayor Kelly stated the union for the fire departments is working with a number of municipalities regarding a study of the fire departments in the central area and analyzing future fire departments needs. The study is starting to move forward and they have come to a tentative agreement on how it would work.  The real issue will be determining the cost and how much they would want municipalities to contribute.


Golf Tournament


Mayor Kelly reminded everyone of the City of Brentwood’s Invitational Golf Tournament to be held on Friday, June 16, 2006 at Paradise Valley Country Club.


Camera System


Mayor Kelly stated the Public Safety Committee is going to be moving on the red light system right away.  He thinks it is an important issue.   The red light system is out to bid and is due back on May 5th




Mayor Kelly thanked Leon Golfin for his service to the Board and presented him with a plaque from the City for his 13 years of service to the Brentwood community.


Alderman Golfin accepted the plaque and stated that it has been a great run.  He is honored and proud to have been elected for seven terms, and to have had a part in doing some of the great work that they have accomplished in the past 13 years, which helped move Brentwood forward to what it is today.  He thanked City staff, the Board past and present and Brentwood Forest residents who have supported him over the past 13 years. 


Alderman Kramer stated that he moved into Brentwood Forest a short time ago for what he thought was going to be a short transition, not only to discover until later how wonderful a community they are fortunate enough to be living in.  It was twelve years ago when he moved in.  Before that, for a good period and up until today, Alderman Golfin has served the community very well.  As his co-alderman, it has been his honor and privilege, and the Brentwood Forest residents, to have Alderman Golfin serve them.  He has learned a great deal from his experience and it means a lot.


Public Safety Committee


Camera System


Alderman Robertson reminded everyone that there was a negative recommendation on the red light traffic program from the Public Safety Committee.


Public Works Committee


Approval of Bandwagon


Alderman Cross requested that Craig Strohbeck from the Parks Department come before the Board and give a presentation on the purchase of the bandwagon which was reviewed by the Public Works Committee and forwarded to the Board with a positive recommendation. 


Craig Strohbeck, Ice Arena Superintendent came before the Board and stated City Administrator Seemayer approached him last fall about looking into a bandwagon that could be used on a regular basis for activities throughout the City.  They had been using the St. Louis County bandwagon for the last six years for their concerts.  They are not able to secure that every year on a guaranteed basis.  They looked for different options and found that if they could identify a sponsor who would be willing to help support the bandwagon it would be profitable in a short period.  They have selected a hard shell bandwagon from Century Industry.  The bandwagon would be used for Brentwood Days, summer concerts, National Night Out, as well as other partnerships they might make with other businesses within the community.  West Community Credit Union has verbally committed to a $41,000 sponsorship out of an $82,000 plus purchase price, which would be paid over three installments.  The City would incur some costs each year, but it would save the City the rental costs every year.  It would also turn into a profit opportunity down the line, as they would be able to rent it each year for use, not only in Brentwood, but also outside of the area.


Alderman Leahy asked if it would include a sound system.


Mr. Strohbeck stated it would include a basic sound system and basic lighting, enough that if they wanted to use it for a small event.  It would not have enough sound system to accommodate an entire band. 


Alderman Leahy asked about storage for the bandwagon when it is not in use.


Mr. Strohbeck stated it would be stored in one of the locked areas where the sanitation trucks are stored. 


City Administrator Seemayer stated the price includes a generator so it is not necessary to have electricity nearby for it. 


Alderman Leahy asked if the current parks trucks would be capable of towing something that size.


City Administrator Seemayer stated yes, the two-ton trucks.  Without the efforts that Mr. Strohbeck put forward, they would have never been able to do it.  He went out and got nearly 50% of the cost of it secured by a sponsor. 


Alderman Cross stated when Mr. Strohbeck came to the Public Works Committee with the proposal the amount of money that was going to be donated was much lower than what it is now.  She thanked him for his work.


Alderman Leahy stated because of the value that they are dealing with on the equipment are they required under ordinance to get bids. 


City Administrator Seemayer stated they are required and they obtained bids.


Alderman Cross stated depending on when it is ordered how long until it is delivered.


Mr. Strohbeck stated anticipated delivery is 90 to 120 days.


Motion was made by Alderman Cross, second by Alderman Marshall to approve the purchase of the bandwagon.  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.


City Engineer – No report


Ways and Means Committee – No report


City Attorney – No report


City Clerk/Administrator


Special Use Permit/Home Depot


City Administrator Seemayer stated there is an application from Home Depot requesting approval of a Special Use Permit to hold a contractor’s event at their store.  They will be putting up a temporary tent on May 10th.  The event is May 11th and the tent would be taken down that evening. 


Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Marshall to grant the Special Use Permit for Home Depot.  All in favor none opposed.


Director of Economic Development – No report


Excise Commissioner


Temporary Liquor License/Brentwood Parks Summer Concert Series


Alderman Cross stated there is an application from the Parks Department for a temporary liquor license for their summer concert series, which would allow the guests to bring alcoholic beverages into the park for the concerts. 


Motion was made by Alderman Cross, second by Alderwoman Clements to grant the temporary liquor license to the Brentwood Parks Department.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Clements, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Kramer, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, no; Alderman Cross, yes.


Library – No report


Municipal League – No report


Waste Management Commission – No report


Communication – No further report


Insurance Committee – No report


Historical Society – No report




Update on Path and Bridge


Alderman Marshall stated the tractors and bulldozers have been working on the path and bridge on Rosalie. 




Mayor Kelly stated that Alderman Marshall has been working very hard and meeting with the residents on getting the easements signed for the Rosalie sewer project. 


Update on New Stores


Alderman Kramer asked for an update on the Ultimate Electronics and Organized Living sites.


Mayor Kelly stated there is nothing new to update since the last meeting.  Organized Living has a potential tenant who does not want to commit until they know exactly what is happening with Highway 40.  That would be a new business to the St. Louis area and would be a very good addition to that center and the shopping district.  Office Max has turned in their plans for the interior remodeling of the Ultimate Electronics site.  They are taking half of that site.


City Administrator Seemayer stated Men’s Warehouse has turned in their plans for the Meridian project where the Red Robin was going to go at one point.


Thank You


Alderman Wynn stated that Alderman Golfin and his wife Elaine have been good friends and they have meant a lot to their family and the Brentwood family.  He is thankful for the time Alderman Golfin has been on the Board and for all of his accomplishments.


Meeting Schedule


Alderwoman Clements stated they are an efficient group and six months out of the year they operate with one meeting a month.  She proposed that they go to one meeting a month twelve months of the year on the first Monday of each month.  She is looking for a vote to have it put into ordinance form for the next meeting.


Alderman Cross asked if they would have to hold a public hearing to change the meeting schedule.


Mayor Kelly responded no, but it would have to be put into ordinance form.  The important thing to remember is that they have the option of calling a special meeting. 


Alderman Wynn stated he opposes the one meeting a month proposal.  The two meetings a month gives the citizens a published time when they could come before the Board.   


Alderman Robertson stated it might be wise to get some public input on what people think and what they would like to see happen.


Alderwoman Clements asked would it give the public an opportunity to voice their opinions if they advertised the proposed ordinance. Could it be put on the website?


Mayor Kelly stated the next meeting is May 1st.  It could be put on the website.


Alderman Cross stated if they are going to do it a public hearing should be held.  If the legislation is put on the website, people that do not have a computer will not see it.


Alderwoman Clements stated when she was on the Board previously they went to a summer schedule without any problem.  They did not get any negative feedback from the residents and they do not get any negative feedback from them in January, February, June, July, August or September every year.  She is not saying that there would not be people out there that might want to come twice a month.  They did not advertise it then, or ask for any input and they did not get any opposition. 


Alderman Wynn stated that those are all months of either a special holiday or in the summer time.  He thinks people accept that because of summer vacations and holidays.  There is no reason not to meet twice a month in those other months.


Alderman Leahy asked if it could be put on the agenda on May 1st and posted at the 21 locations throughout Brentwood for public notice and draft legislation to change the meeting schedule in the Code.


City Administrator Seemayer stated notice for a public hearing has to be done 15 days ahead and they do not have 15 days.  This does not fall under a public hearing, but it could still be advertised and posted as a public information topic.


Alderman Leahy stated it is a courtesy to the residents that it be advised and is under consideration.  This would give them the opportunity to present their best reasons for approving or disapproving the request.


Alderman Cross stated if Alderwoman Clements is agreeable she would like the opportunity to have an article in the Pulse and the Brentwood Bulletin.


Alderman Marshall stated one of the concerns he has is the time sensitive issues they deal with on a daily basis.  He is afraid they will end up having special meetings anyway.  If he only has a couple of days notice for a special meeting, the chances of him switching his schedule around to accommodate that doesn’t work as well.  If the Board has consistent special meetings that may leave the public out because they are not looking for special meetings.  They are looking for the Board of Aldermen meetings and they know there is going to be a meeting held on certain dates.  With special meetings they would have to check the board weekly, if not daily, to see if there are any special meetings scheduled. 


Alderman Golfin stated he sponsored the ordinance that took them to one meeting a month during the holidays and the summer.  It has worked out very well.  There was really no reason for any question about it because they were not meeting because of the holidays anyway.  As far as extending it to the rest of the year, he feels that they are very efficient doing a great deal of the work in committee meetings.  The arguments and details should be hashed out in committee meetings thoroughly and then the Board would approve or disapprove the committee’s work.  He does not think they should barrel into something like this.  He remembers when they have had meetings, even after cutting down the schedule to one meeting a month six months of the year; they met for only 20 minutes.  As time goes on they will find through experience that they are attending meetings that are embarrassingly short. 


Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Leahy to draw up an ordinance changing the meeting schedule to the first Monday of each month and publicize it as if it were up for a public hearing.


Alderman Kramer asked if they are seeking to gain the insight of the residents before they vote on the actual legislation, or are they voting on the legislation and getting the input later.


Alderwoman Clements stated getting the input, if people attend the meeting after they see the published comment section, then they would vote on the legislation after that.  Their telephone number is everywhere.  If there is going to be feedback, the residents will let them know.   She does not recall there being a lot of special meetings called when there is one meeting a month.


Mayor Kelly stated usually a special meeting is called to resolve one specific issue that needs to be taken care of in a timely manner.  Experience will show you that you do not have meetings just to have meetings, at least if you want people to be involved.  It takes just as much time to prepare for an eight-minute meeting as it does to prepare for a one and a half hour meeting.  The other thing that should be looked at is it’s not only their time that is involved in having the meetings when nobody is there, but it is also the time of City staff.  There is a cost associated with having the meetings, with people preparing documents, etc. 


Alderman Cross asked where is the legislation going to be advertised.  Are they going to take the time to get it in the Brentwood Bulletin and the Pulse?


Mayor Kelly stated the next Brentwood Bulletin would not come out until June.  The Pulse will not come out until around May 15th


Alderwoman Clements stated if Alderman Cross is more comfortable, even if the legislation is drawn up and they have public comments, they could have the first reading and it does not have to be passed that night. 


Mayor Kelly stated he is for informing the public when there is a major issue before them, but he can guarantee you that the only people that will come to the meeting is the people that will be against it.  When they went to the summer schedule a few years ago they just did it.  The Board’s job is to make those decisions.  The Board is elected to represent the residents and to perform those duties for the residents of the City of Brentwood.  He does not think you need to go out and do a survey every time you make a decision.  You can advertise it all you want and the more you advertise it the more you’re going to get the people that don’t want it or think that you’re doing something underhanded.  He can guarantee you that there will be more negative comments than positive ones. 


Alderman Wynn stated he disagrees because it sounds to him like if you want all the positive people don’t tell anybody and the less you say you will get the positive folks.  They should tell everybody, whether they are gripers, or the little guy down the street who never show up at meetings.  If they have an eight-minute meeting and one resident showed up to speak; that eight minutes has been worth it.  They have served the citizen.  He does not see it as a lost meeting even if nobody shows up. 


Alderman Cross stated she by no means wanted to do a city mailing or a survey. It is something they should not rush into.  If they wait for the Brentwood Bulletin to come out in June and they wait for the Pulse to come out again there is no harm done.


Mayor Kelly stated he does not think they should spend the time drawing up the legislation.


Alderwoman Clements withdrew her motion and Alderman Leahy his second.




Mayor Kelly stated the swearing-in ceremony for newly elected officials will be held on May 1st and there will be a reception after the meeting.


Ward 3 Meeting


Alderman Leahy announced a Ward 3 meeting would be held on Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.




Motion was made by Alderwoman Clements, second by Alderman Wynn to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 p.m.  All in favor none opposed.




                                                                                                Pat Kelly, Mayor





Chris Seemayer, City Clerk