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City Hall                                                                                               November 7, 2005

Council Chamber                                                                                  7:00 p.m.


The Mayor led with the Pledge of Allegiance.




PRESENT:       Mayor Kelly, Alderwoman Jepsen, Alderman Marshall, Alderman Leahy, Alderman Golfin, Alderman Robertson, Alderman Wynn, Alderman Cross.


                        City Attorney Albrecht and City Clerk/Administrator Seemayer.


ABSENT:        Alderman Kramer, Director of Public Works/City Engineer Payken, Executive Secretary Williams and City Treasurer Reynders.




Motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderman Wynn to approve and adopt the Agenda of the Regular Board of Aldermen Meeting of November 7, 2005.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderman Marshall to approve and adopt the Minutes of the Regular Board of Aldermen Meeting of October 17, 2005 as presented.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.






Mayor Kelly introduced Danny Aleshire, a Coro Fellow who has worked as an intern at the City of Brentwood for the past three weeks.  He has researched grants for new equipment for the television station and is currently analyzing trends in retail sales in Brentwood to forecast sales tax growth in the City.  He has also spent a great deal of time interviewing City staff and members of the Board of Aldermen to learn more about the City of Brentwood and how local governments operate.  The Coro Program is an intensive nine-month fulltime leadership-training program in public affairs.  It places college graduates and young professionals into internships with nonprofit organizations, local government organizations, organized labor associations, business groups and political campaigns to expose them to all of the major groups that influence public policy and community decision-making.   Before Mr. Aleshire came to the City of Brentwood, he spent a month as an intern at the United Way, a nonprofit organization.  His colleagues in the program can be found around the St. Louis area working for government agencies such as Metro St. Louis, City of Richmond Heights, City of Maplewood, County Public Works Department, County Municipal League, St. Louis Comptroller’s Office and the Metropolitan Police Department.


Danny Aleshire came before the Board and stated the Coro Fellows Program that he is in has five centers across the country.  The one in St. Louis has 15 fellows in it.  There are centers in L.A., New York, San Francisco and Pittsburgh.  He has had a great time in Brentwood and has enjoyed the internship.  He attended Occidental College in L.A. and graduated with a B.A. in Politics and Economics.






Motion was made by Alderman Marshall, second by Alderman Cross to approve the warrant list dated 11/7/05.  All in favor none opposed.


Alderwoman Jepsen asked why was the snowplow, spreader truck charged to the storm water/parks account.


City Administrator Seemayer stated it is a parks department vehicle that will be used for their parking lot and the trails.  The storm water/parks is one fund and it is charged within that account to the parks/capital improvement account number. 


Alderwoman Jepsen asked if the truck would only be used within the parks department.


City Administrator Seemayer said yes.




Mayor’s Report


Naming of Baseball Field


Mayor Kelly stated he had a request from a resident for the City to look into the possibility of naming Brentwood Baseball Field #1 after Coach Taylor from Brentwood High School.  He has coached a number of very good baseball teams over the years for Brentwood High School. They would like the City to dedicate the field in his honor.  He may be retiring within the next couple of years.




Mayor Kelly stated they have received notification that the City has received approximately a $580,000 storm water grant from SEMA.  That grant will be used to purchase two pieces of properties in Hanley Industrial Court that are in the floodplain.  The properties will be turned into parkland.  There is a 20% match on the grant, which MSD upon their submittal agreed to fund.  There will be no cost to the City.  MSD has some funds allocated for that area that could be used for flood proofing and buyout.  He thanked Bob Shelton who initially put in the grant application and Rob Hussey who took it over and did a lot of work to get it completed.


Comprehensive Plan


A Comprehensive Plan Open House will be held tomorrow night at the Brentwood Community Center at 7:00 p.m.  It would be a good opportunity to view the plan.  A couple of the Aldermen had received comments about the plan and there seems to be some misunderstandings.  A Comprehensive Plan is an opportunity to look to the future and say if land use has changed, this is what they want it to be.  If you do not have any of those guidelines in place, the city is at the mercy of whoever comes in and wants to get control of property.   He asked the public to ask questions, get involved and look at what has taken place. 


Grainger Project


Mayor Kelly stated the Ways and Means Committee has met a number of times in the past six months regarding Fred Epstein’s new project in Hanley Industrial Court.  As part of the Grainger project, Mr. Epstein has agreed to put in an underwater storm water detention under the parking lot.  The Planning and Zoning Commission also asked him to put a nicer building material on the outside of the building and a better looking fencing to make an improvement in the area which Mr. Epstein agreed to.  The storm water detention he is proposing is above and beyond what is required by MSD and the City of Brentwood.  The initial numbers for the storm water detention was about $60,000 and his request was for $250,000 to do some of the other improvements as well as the storm water improvements.  In meeting with him today and getting the final numbers, the total cost including the storm water project is about $266,000.  The detention area itself is about $96,000.  There are additional costs in the project of grading, additional retaining walls and additional landscaping expenses, etc.  The Ways and Means Committee had agreed to fund up to $250,000 once they verified the cost of the project.  The other concern is that Mr. Epstein would be carrying the interest cost for a period of four to five years while repaying for the public improvement, which would be an additional $40,000.  After meeting with Mr. Epstein and looking at the actual numbers for the storm water portion of the project, he and Mr. Seemayer looked into the possibility of saving some of the interest cost if the City was to issue a COP. 


City Administrator Seemayer stated that any improvements made by putting the detention in would only be paid back from the new business that’s going in there, so it wouldn’t be coming out of any existing City funds.  The Grainger Company is expected to do an appreciable amount of retail sales.  That would be the only source of revenue that would be used to repay the cost of the detention.


Alderman Marshall asked for clarification whether the number was set at $200,000 or $250,000 when the Ways and Means Committee met.


City Administrator Seemayer stated it was set at $250,000.


Alderwoman Jepsen asked if the City would be foregoing sales tax stream to pay the COP off.


City Administrator Seemayer stated a portion of it.  The sales tax rate that the City gets is 2.25% in total.  The City would be using 50% of the parks and storm water, and 50% of the capital improvement sales tax, which is half of a 1% sales tax. 


Alderwoman Jepsen stated she is concerned about improving private property and foregoing sales tax.


City Administrator Seemayer stated it is not improving Mr. Epstein’s property because there is no detention that is required for him to put in.  If he does not put it in, it does not affect him from a flooding standpoint.  It is a public improvement that is being placed on private property for public benefit.


Alderwoman Jepsen stated so this will benefit a number of the businesses in Hanley Industrial Court.


City Administrator Seemayer responded yes.


Alderman Robertson stated the storm water improvements would remedy the net increase in floodwater problems that would be found on that property.  The reason there is no requirement is because it is less than 1 acre.  They could put the parking lot in and make the storm water go faster and flood worse and there would be no requirement whatsoever.  The other associated things are better looking fencing and so forth to maintain that area.


Alderman Golfin asked if they anticipate the cost to include the interest cost which they will be getting at 3.8% and that will be rolled over into the total cost of the project, which will be offset by the additional revenues the new business is going to bring in.


Mayor Kelly stated the original proposal that had been approved was that the owner of the property was going to fund the entire project and the City was going to repay him through a sales tax abatement, not to exceed five years.  It would be more of a reimbursement, so he would be carrying the interest cost.  The Mayor is suggesting, in order to lower the interest cost, that the City take out a COP, pay the owner of the property the $250,000 for his improvements and the City pay the bonds back through the same source of revenue, the sales tax.


Alderman Golfin stated the storm water improvements that are done in the City are required and necessary however they are able to get them done.  This would certainly benefit the entire Hanley Industrial Court as well as Black Creek which floods. 


City Administrator Seemayer stated this change could potentially save about $20,000 to $30,000 of interest cost. 


Motion was made by Alderman Golfin to move forward with the COP.


Alderman Leahy stated as a point of order, he does not see how they can move forward on anything that has not been documented to the Board.  They have no resolution or agreement in place that the Board can vote on. 


Mayor Kelly stated the Board would be approving it in concept and all the documentation would come later.  They would have to have a bill for the COP.


The motion was made by Alderman Golfin, second by Alderman Marshall to pursue the COP.


Alderwoman Jepsen asked if they forego that portion of the sales tax that would normally be collected for the storm water fund would the fund still get a certain amount of money or is that going to be counted against it?


Mayor Kelly stated it is storm water money for a storm water project.


Alderman Marshall stated until they start looking at numbers he could not predict how much is going to be allotted for the storm water fund.  They have to wait and see what the budget provides.   


Mayor Kelly stated this is being funded through the new revenue being generated by the business there. 


Alderwoman Jepsen asked if funding would continue to be allotted for other projects.


Mayor Kelly said yes.


Alderman Golfin stated the storm water funds that are now being generated would be divided between parks and storm water.  There will be more parks and storm water funds generated from the new business and this will provide for that, so it is not going to be an offset to the existing storm water fund.


Roll call to pursue with the COP:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, no; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.


Executive Session/Personnel Matter


Mayor Kelly announced an executive session/personnel matter would be held following the regular meeting.


Veterans Day Celebration


Veterans Day Celebration will be held on Friday, November 11th at 6:00 p.m.  Mayor Kelly thanked Kevin McCarthy and Earl Brown for their help in putting everything together.


Public Safety Committee – No report


Public Works Committee – No report


City Engineer – No report


Ways and Means Committee – No report


City Attorney – No report


City Clerk/Administrator


Special Use Permit – Optimist Club – Christmas Trees Lot


City Administrator Seemayer stated the Optimist Club is requesting a Special Use Permit to sell Christmas Trees on their lot between December 1 and December 25.  This will be their 48th year.


Motion was made by Alderman Leahy, second by Alderman Wynn to approve the Special Use Permit for the Optimist Club.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.


Director of Economic Development – No report


Excise Commissioner – No report


Library – No Report


Municipal League


Legislative Priorities


Mayor Kelly stated a legislative affairs breakfast was held this past Saturday where the St. Louis County Municipal League presented their legislative priorities.  The top priorities were the cell phone tax, a new public safety sales tax of up to ½ cent, their position and suggested changes to the condemnation and eminent domain issue, controls on fire districts putting additional zoning requirements on municipalities, etc.


Waste Management Commission




Alderman Golfin stated the Waste Management Commission would not be meeting for the rest of the year.  They hope to have a meeting early next year.  The City is in receipt of a grant that is going to fund some more recycle boxes which are available now at no cost. 


They hope to do an incentive awards program where they will be awarding dinner and lunch for two.  The City has achieved about 36% recycle this year.  It is 36% diversion, which means it includes the yard waste.  They are going to set a goal of achieving 50% next year. Barbara Hughes suggested they do a program on BTV-10.


Mr. McCarthy stated in response to Alderman Golfin’s comments regarding recycling, he has already spoken with Ms. Hughes and has a copy of a pre-produced program.  If they have the copyright available they will have that program on the air shortly.


Communication – No further report


Insurance Committee – No report


Historical Society – No report




Tree Lighting Ceremony


Alderman Wynn stated last year on the Friday before Thanksgiving they had the first annual tree lighting ceremony on Lawn Avenue.  This year they are doing something a little bit different.


City Administrator Seemayer stated the trees on Lawn Avenue would be lit again this year with holiday lights.  They will also have a live tree outside of the Brentwood Recreation Center.  They will light both areas simultaneously.  A ceremony will be held on Friday, November 18th at the Recreation Center with carolers and light refreshments at 6:00 p.m.  Families can bring a family ornament to be placed on the tree outside the Recreation Center.


Update on Path and Bridge


City Administrator Seemayer stated they are purchasing an easement from K & S Construction for $10.00 and they are getting one from a resident.  The surveyors are drawing up the title work for those two easements.  They were told it would take a maximum of 30 days.  The easements should be executed by the end of November then the contractor will have his notice to proceed.


Alderman Robertson asked about the proposed Ad Hoc Committee to study expansion of the trail and parks system and how that might be organized.


Mayor Kelly stated he was at a meeting last Friday where the Great Rivers Greenway did a presentation and talked about some of the things that they are doing, one of which is the project that is coming up in Brentwood.  If the City could get a group together that would keep talking to them about doing additional things in the City of Brentwood that would be great.  Mayor Kelly asked Alderman Robertson if he would like to head that committee.


Alderman Robertson stated yes.     


Boy Scouts of America


Alderman Leahy announced the Boy Scouts of America would be having their annual Scouting for Food Drive on Saturdays, November 12th and 19th.  The intention is to collect can goods for the pantries in the St. Louis area to help feed the hungry during the holiday season and throughout the year.  They normally collect close to 2 million cans a year.  Brentwood has always been a good collection point for the area.  The fire department has agreed to be one of the collection points in the St. Louis County area.  The Scouts will deliver the bags on November 12th and be back on Saturday, November 19th to pick them up. 




The meeting was recessed at 7:45 p.m. for an executive session/personnel matter.


Executive Session


Motion was made by Alderman Marshall, second by Alderman Wynn to enter into executive session on a personnel matter at 7:55 p.m.  Roll call:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.


The Mayor, the Board, Chris Seemayer, Chief Knight, Asst. Chief Disbennett, City Attorney Albrecht, and Attorney Chris Hesse were present.


After discussion on a personnel matter, motion was made by Alderman Marshall, second by Alderman Wynn to terminate the employment of Officer Michael Johnson. Roll call:  Alderwoman Jepsen, yes; Alderman Marshall, yes; Alderman Leahy, yes; Alderman Golfin, yes; Alderman Robertson, yes; Alderman Wynn, yes; Alderman Cross, yes.




Motion was made by Alderman Cross, second by Alderman Leahy to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 p.m. All in favor none opposed.




                                                                                                Pat Kelly, Mayor






Chris Seemayer, City Clerk