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  1. Failure to appear.
  2. How should payment be made for my citation?
  3. Where is my ticket filed?
  4. Eligibility for Driving Safety Course
  5. Requirements for Driving Safety Courses
  6. Insurance
  7. Complaints
  8. Trials
  9. Appeal and Motion for New Trial
  10. Proper Attire and Conduct in Court


Frequently Asked Questions 


Failure to appear.

A telephone call does not constitute an appearance. Any requests for action on a case must be made in writing or in person.


How should payment be made for my citation?

All payments should be cash, money order, or we do take Visa and Mastercard in the office. We do take credit cards over the phone.


Where is my ticket filed?

Our court only processes cases originated with the Cedar Park Police Department. If your case was issued by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department or DPS, we will not have that case filed in our court. You would need to call the JP Court at 210-4210.


Eligibility for Driving Safety Course:

You are eligible for DSC if you have not had a course in the previous calendar year. You must sign up with the court and, if approved, you will be given 90 days to complete your course. The following items are required to sign up:


Requirements for Driving Safety Course

To sign up for a Driving Safety Course, you must furnish the following to our office:

  • Certified copy of driving record from DPS on N. Lamar & Koenig in Austin. This is the $10.00 copy that reflects defensive driving courses.


  • Copy of proof of insurance showing your name as an insured driver and drivers license. $65.00 for State Mandated Fees


  • This must be cash, money order, Mastercard or Visa. No personal checks are accepted. Yellow plea form furnished by the officer or the affidavit furnished by this office, notarized. We can notarize the forms here in the office.



To have a ticket dismissed for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance), you must provide proof of insurance for the date and time of the citation. If the effective date is the same as the citation date, verification will be required from the insurance company as to the time the policy was purchased.


To have a ticket dismissed for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance) for a vehicle that is owned by someone other than the defendant, the following is required: Proof of insurance on vehicle ticketed. 


Notarized statement from the owner of the vehicle stating the defendant had his permission to be driving that vehicle on that particular date and time. 



Any persons with complaints regarding treatment (not appeal of a case) by court staff shall reduce their complaint to writing and shall direct said complaint to Presiding Judge, William T. Eastes.



If you enter a plea of not guilty and request a trial, the court will inform you of the trial date set. It is your responsibility to remember this date and see your case through to final disposition.


Appeal and Motion for New Trial:

All appeals and motions for new trial shall be in conformity with the requirements set forth by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure as it is interpreted by the appellate courts. The Cedar Park Municipal Court is not a court of record; therefore, all appeals are conducted in the Williamson county Courts at Law. These trials are trials "de novo" which means that the entire case is re-tried as if the trial in Municipal Court never occurred. In order to preserve the right to appeal, a proper and timely appeal bond must be filed with the Municipal Court, that is in conformity with the requirements set forth in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.


Proper Attire and Conduct in Court:

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