2022 Fall Softball Leagues

Coed and men’s doubleheader leagues for Fall 2022 are available. All leagues are 8-week doubleheader leagues (single games on Monday nights) with a single elimination playoff tournament to follow the regular season. Games are tentatively scheduled to start the week of August 8th, and may begin as early as 6:00pm.

  • Monday Co-ed (single game - $360)  
  • Tuesday Men’s (Doubleheader - $720)    
  • Wednesday Men’s (Doubleheader - $720) 
  • Thursday Men’s (Doubleheader - $720)  
  • Friday Men’s (Doubleheader - $720)  

Brentwood softball leagues comply with USSSA rules and bat regulations. Updated USSSA rules can be found here

All games will be played on fields #2 and #3 at Brentwood Park, located at 9100 Russell Avenue.

Registration is open! 

Send this fillable registration form to to secure your team!

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